There are millions of blogs populating the internet daily, and the sad thing is 98% of them aren’t making a dime! 🙁 People are literally going broke trying to make it big, and I want to personally STOP this from happening. That’s why this site is here!

Now, some blogs are purely works of love and passion about topics ranging on nearly everything! And when I say everything I mean there are blogs about everything

Video Games
Large Family Living
Crafts and Hobbies
Church Ministry
Small Business
  Internet Marketing
College Football
Cancer Survivors
Hollywood Gossip
Country Music

and many many more. . .

While some blogs are as mentioned “personal works of passion and love” other blogs are 100% focused on making money. 

Some in the blogging world have figured out the fine art of waxing eloquently about their passion and interests, and at the same time maximizing opportunities to make money from those visiting their blog… The real people out there making REAL money!

Sadly, these people are few and far between, as it can be difficult to find the balance of making money (sometimes lots of money) without compromising the integrity and nature of the blog.

If you would like to join the ranks of these elite bloggers, and turn your passion into profits then access to THIS site is just what you need to succeed.

If you’re looking for a good way to make money on the Internet that really does work, then let me show you a simple and direct approach to “earning money as a blogger“. But, first, lets address a few of the problems bloggers are having…

They serve a niche that isn’t hungry. While you may be passionate about a topic, the reality is that there may be very few others who are. Money making bloggers always blog in a niche that is hungry for more of what you have to say.

The market and range of products are limited in their niche. For example, if your blog is about the best types of hamster food, then your range of products and market are going to be very limited and therefore produce limited profits. Money making bloggers always blog in a niche that has a wide range of related products and marketability.

They aren’t monetizing their blogs. This one seems pretty obvious, but if you don’t have any profit producing opportunities in your blog, than it can’t make you any money. Money making bloggers always have multiple profit producing opportunities “built in” to their site.

No one is reading or visiting their blogs. This could be one of two reasons. Number one, they aren’t very good writers and no one likes their blog. Or number two, they aren’t getting any traffic because they don’t know how to generate it. Money making bloggers are good at communicating their topics in engaging ways and they also know how to drive traffic to their blogs.

Clearly the struggle is wide spread for many “wanna-be” money making bloggers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally avoid the normal struggles that come with money making endeavors? Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate the learning curve?

I don’t know about you, but it sure would be nice to turn something I am passionate about into a little extra income, or for that matter a lot of extra income.

You really can turn talking about your hobbies, interests, business, and kids into a gold mine if you can follow a simple process and a few guidelines. I started blogging about my passion. I choose how I want to live my life and when I do things in my life.

I have personal and financial freedom and you can too!

Let me quickly share with you 7 ways to make your blog more profitable…

PROMOTE AFFILIATE OFFERS. You can make money on your blog through the marketing and selling of other people’s products, that are relevant to your blog, for a commission.

ESTABLISH YOURSELF AS AN EXPERT. Through your blog you can establish yourself as an expert by consistently publishing good content. Eventually your readers will trust you, which will result in more leads and more sales.

GET PUBLICITY OPPORTUNITIES. Good blogging can lead to an elevated status in some circles and be a springboard to more opportunities, like free publicity and book deals.

SELL ADVERTISING AND LINKS. Instead of using AdSense or placing affiliate links on your blog, you can also choose to sell advertising on your blog.

CREATE AND SELL YOUR OWN PRODUCTS. Instead of selling someone else’s products and sharing the products, you can sell your own stuff for 100% of the profit.

USE CPA OFFERS. Yet another way to monetize a blog is by offering CPA (cost per acquisition) opportunities. This is where you get paid when someone clicks on a link in you blog and then performs a required specific task on the site they land on, like a survey.

And that’s just the “tip of the iceberg“!

Hopefully, that is an easy question for you to answer. I realize it may sound like a dumb question, but sadly millions of people go to jobs they don’t like everyday.

Like mindless drones theses unhappy people watch the clock all day until it is time to go home, so they can then hopefully pursue and do the things they like doing.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine your extra curricular interests with you work?

Wouldn’t it be exciting to actually enjoy what you do?

And wouldn’t it be a blast to get paid to talk about, and write about your interests and hobbies?

If any of this describes you, then blogging may be just the big break you’ve been waiting for.

Think of it this way. You can go clock in at your job and make a few bucks for both you and your boss or company. . .

Or you could fire your boss, leave your 9-5, roll out of bed each morning, spend the day immersing yourself into your passions and then share your insights and thoughts with the world through your blog, while earning a nice income.

Maybe your dream isn’t to leave your job, just to make a little extra money on the side. Blogging is a great way to make this happen too.

If you want to make money with blogging then what I have for you below is going to be perfect for you.

Check it out…

In the EZ Blog Profits Coaching Program, everything is broken down into action steps that you can easily apply to the blog you already have or one that you want to start!

Here are just a few things you’ll discover in this coaching program…

How to profit from your blog using Adsense, selling advertising and links, and creating your own products.

How to find a hot niche to build your blog around that incorporates both your passion and desire for profits and how to determine if your niche is profitable by digging through a gold mine of different research sources.

How to choose the right domain name and web hosting and how to determine which blog platform is best for your blog. This will save you a tone of time and money!

The simple 5 step process to installing a WordPress blog, the 3 ways to to find a theme for your wordpress blog, and detailed instructions on how to install a WordPress theme. This makes doing the “techy stuff” an absolute breeze!

How to customize your blog and the 8 areas of focus you should give when customizing your blog (Note: You want to make sure you do this before you start blogging).

How to find a hot selling product that you can choose to promote as an affiliate. (Hint: Not only will you need to look at what people are buying you will also have to look closely at what your competition is doing).

The art of promoting an information product like a book or course by writing articles and posts that are useful, but incomplete and how to go about promoting physical products through your blog. This is a HUGE money maker!

How to drum up dozens of even hundreds of article ideas in a matter of a few minutes to serve as content on your blog. There’s lots of other shortcuts in this coaching program too, and this is a great one!

8 easy ways and places to get content ideas for your blog articles and posts and the two step process to create content that attracts Google traffic to your blog. YEAH! Free traffic!

How to write “Tips” and “How to” articles, attention-getting rants, trackbacks, “Top Ten” and “Q & A” posts to your blog. Plus How to write research, case study and motivational articles. Your blog readers will love you for this and return over and over to gobble up your content.

The 4 steps to writing a product review article and comparisons post that creates sales for your blog and the 4 part anatomy of pre-selling a product.

3 quick ways to get traffic from other people’s blogs, 2 smart ideas for driving traffic to your blog through content marketing, and how to use social media sites to drive traffic to your blog.

A clever method for getting product vendors to promote your blog to their market and how to approach those vendors. This can get you a ton of traffic REALLY quickly!

3 steps on how to drive targeted traffic to your blog using niche forums and 3 steps on how to promote your blog using email marketing

The secret of creating a successful blog by following the 5 tips for keeping a consistent blogging schedule. This is the secret sauce of success as a blogger!

Each and every month you’ll get a brand new lesson showing you exactly how you can start making-money with your blog and how to keep expanding that income until you’ve reached your goals!

Although I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to get started, you might be thinking in the back of your mind, “what if this isn’t for me?

Listen, there’s no need to say “Yes” at this point. Just say “maybe“. Grab your spot before they’re all gone, (there’s only 1000 398 spots left) for this amazing coaching program for yourself.

At any rate, give it a try so you can give your self the chance to finally start making money as a blogger!


Let’s get brutally honest here… This coaching program is like cold hard cash in your pocket!

You and I both know that you need to be able to make money as a blogger…

Frankly, the Ez Blog Profits Coaching Program breaks down the barrier between successful money making blogger and those who will just continue with a “hobby” that keeps them stuck at their job they hate!

Once you follow the steps I lay out for you right before your very eyes, you’ll be able to have a blog that creates an income you’ve been dreaming of (and in the quickest way possible)– or your money back.

What’s gonna happen if you take a pass today? I think by now we both know the answer to that — nothing is gonna change — tomorrow will be like today, and like the day before that.

Stop the cycle today — right here and now — grab your spot in the Ez Blog Profits Coaching Program and get started on your journey as a successful money making blogger!

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To your success!

Vj Shah

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